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sports underwear for women is a very important and indispensable sports movement in the process of service equipment, Nike Innovation team according to various women in the course of the campaign, and a variety of sports underwear with different needs, put forward a set of solutions. Nike is considering the advantages of Flyknit technology, which can pinpoint which areas need more or less support or permeability in shape at the same time, the production technology is the key to change the rules of the game Nike sports underwear. Since then, Flyknit is not only vamp, it is also sports underwear. in high performance equipment to decide how to better play the role of technology, engineers and designers work, measured biological test more than 600 hours strict, including drawing dynamic information capture and data atlas, the body of digital scanning, the relevant regional assessment of high fever, sweating, sweating and movement cheap foamposites the. Designers refer to these human region data map the texture and the kind of material. : Although the "human map" is not new to Nike, this is the first time the Nike team has been making apps for sports underwear. The designer is not only a reference to a data graph (which is the most common design methods of products), but at the same time according to the three data respectively corresponding to the body perspiration area, vent area and supporting area, in order to determine the design of weave Flyknit. finally, this sport underwear uses super soft nylon-spandex yarn, and two pieces of single deck with seamless technology together. This suture process can be realized at the same time fit (both sides separated independent cup) and compact (chest firmly effect) provide ideal shaping, support and comfort, without steel support, bra and a fixing device and a rubber band and other additional components. so, mate Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping rials and joints are greatly reduced: Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Bra women's sports underwear to retain only two part and a suture (similar to Nike high strength support sports underwear used by most 41 components and 22 suture produced), so compared with other Nike sports underwear products, its light weight a lot. NIKE FE/NOM FLYKNIT BRA is a new generation of sports underwear. Nike Flyknit technology used in sports underwear is exciting, it opens the door to cross-border equipment innovation. It's not just a little thingadidas Originals classic shoes Campus, this girl is about to usher in the exclusive new series, two kinds of shoes with white and grey suede leather were making retro shoes, stamping the word "Campus" on the side and join the embellishment, the pink rubber outsole is endowed with a strong sense of fresh contrast, and echoed with the insole "Clover Logo perfect. is priced at $100, and the two pairs of shoes will b Cheap air jordans for sale e on sale at designated stores such as Solebox on June 15th. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] the past six months, the bitter taste Adi helpless. In the US market, it is the young Under Armour away, "the nation's second" of the throne. Moreover, the German sports brand in the tennis field do likewise Under Armour embarrassed, the latter stole the heavyweight Adidas spokesperson - Britain's Andy Murray?. Adidas makes more difficult to accept that, Under Armour and British Columbia signed a four-year 15 million pounds (about 145 million yuan) of the contract, consistent with the previous contract amount Adidas. Adidas has always been cautious concern Murray fluctuating state, however, since January this yea Retro jordans for sale r, Under Armour put on the equipment, Murray like a new person. He quickly return to the top state, and the first medal final at the annual Australian Open Grand Slam tournament. Although the final match for the Serbian star Novak Djokovic, but Murray's performance is amazing enough, his prospects are also looking on the outside. player's performance is equivalent to the sponsor's income. In the field of commercial profits higher lost tennis player in high exposure, it is certainly very upset allow Adidas. Fortunately, Adidas responded very quickly. It decided Y-3 collaboration with its sports fashion brand, launched the French Open tennis tournament series, as a brand momentum in the second annual Grand Slam method online. to cooperate with Y-3 is a casual sports fashion brand, created by the Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto top. In 2001, Y-3 collaboration with Adidas, then Adi's fold, but both are relatively independent in the b Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping usiness. The tennis product line launch, is the first all-round cooperation between the two brands. This brand new tennis product range, directly named as the name of the French Open center court Roland Garros, products include tennis shoes, men and women shirts and hats and other game. In form and design, product continues Adi rigorous style and fashion style Y-3, and the classic black and white background with a bright and lively Hawaiian print combined. In addition, the product technology is Adi expertise. Considering this series of spring and summer will be Adidas's flagship product, Adi use of technology and double Coolmax mesh fabric to improve breathability and comfort equipped to suit the hot weather. Since the spring, including the French Open, including a professional tennis clay court season, the series of tennis shoes into the lightweight adidas adizero design concept to enhance the effect of red sneakers sliding land. Retro jordans for sale "Y-3 has been committed to sports fashion, Roland Garros series its collaboration with Adidas tennis, not only embodies the essence of high-end fashion, but also the expertise and energy extended to the tennis stadium. This is Yohji Yamamoto's fashion and modern combining sports language "Adidas global creative head of Dirk Sch & ouml;. nberger said so. From this perspective, at the end of May to the start of the French online pocketed the eye, Adidas and Y-3 is quite attentive. Of course, wearing the equipment to play the players more say. During the French Open, the top seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France male network, the former women's singles world Ivanovic will wear the equipment to play. Both star and brand ambassador of performance worthy of attention, Adi rounds will want them to stay in the game, so that the new products have been more than enough exposure, the proof about the technical content of products. In addition, cheap jordans for sale mens Adidas has a clever approach - all the caddy apparel and footwear sponsor Roland Garros stadium. At that time, the audience will be through running active caddy dressed in Adidas Y-3 and the new product, we believe the effect will be very impressive. Do not worry that they will at least Adi early exit from qualifying to the final track, on live television is not missing their new products. It is worth mentioning that the first in the world Novak Djokovic is also the spokesman for Adidas footwear, but he did not participate in this new product endorsements them. Obviously, single-minded thinking about winning and do not care about these little German short-term commercial contracts, wearing the most suitable sports shoes to win the game is the top seed of the idea. In addition, Adidas tennis players in the field speak not much, of which the majority is tepid players. The most "popular" is still the world's first sports brand Nike. I cheap jordans online t won the endorsement of the quantity is not that single men and women in the world ranking of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams and other top players, and even retired Li Na, both Nike spokesman. In addition, higher business profits and ran from professional tennis, there are just entering the field by Under Armour signed ?????, join US Open champion Li Ning Cilic, endorsements and gradually expand the number of New Balance, etc. and even Uniqlo, H & amp; M and other casual clothing brand. The reason is very simple, high tennis ornamental and professional level, the International Tennis Association also has a good marketing tool. This initial movement as rich sports, is attracting more and more capital, to help it become one of the highest degree of commercialization projects. Therefore, it can be expected that, with the commercial development of professional tennis, it will attract more and more sp cheap jordan shoes for men orts and clothing brands. Adi opportunistic in France launched a series of online sponsorship, and the introduction of related products, which in addition to want to challenge Nike, it is more important is to consolidate its position in the tennis field. Adi understand that even the best brand of professional technology, but also need marketing help. Because this movement has already experienced the old "latecomers" very ferocious, it did not want to be "Under Armour" who catch up, but also do not want to lose more, "Andy? Murray." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: & nbsp; baby Ah brand & nbsp; Waag shoes.)Today, we saw the launch of one pair of NIKE to Eric Koston new color of skateboard shoes, called Nike SB Eric Koston 1 'Anthracite'. Meanwhile a reliable source said, adding the shoe NIKE's new technology allowed a more streamlined look, to wear lighter, sharp-eyed frien cheap jordans for sale ds do not know you can see some clues. As the upcoming August 2012 shoes, breathable certainly essential, while wild colors cover the whole body, filling the graceful character. Like friends next week will be able to their income, the specific release date, please continue to focus on the site reported. & nbsp; Source: highsnob & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;speaking of sports industry Chinese own brand, Lining was one of the best. Li Ning company was founded in 1990, founded by Chinese famous gymnast Li Ning, after more than 20 years of ups and downs, only to have the situation now. To tell you the truth, slightly early Li Ning with the innovation ability and the people of domestic support, is also quite popular scenery once in a while, and became the first listed in Hong Kong mainland sporting goods company. But later, because of the impact of foreign brands and marketing strategies, and many other reasons, has experienced a period of quite difficult period, this year is the fourth year of the loss. I constantly updated products can bring new vitality to the domestic brand. Li Ning Co's turnover (2008-2013) as a N curve today [daily shoes] is to introduce this year Lining main push of a shoe - Lining four generation arc. The first generation of Li Ninghu was born in the fall of 2011, in the pursuit of damping performance is also injected into the elements of fashion and leisure. After the reform of several generations of arc series products, has launched the fourth generation of arc running shoes this year. in accordance with the practice, the first to talk about the main technology of this shoe - Lining arc. Li Ning designer from Chinese traditional architectural structure wisdom can be both flexible and damping solution, from the summer palace famous 17 arches bridge "continuous arc type brige structures" inspired, and combined with the high damping / high rebound functional materials special ip injection Phylon, innovation space continuous arc type structure of Li Ning arc flexible shock absorption technology, providing good shock absorption function, and make shoes more easily flexible bending, in motion makes shoes with foot operated, sensitive movement. The development of to the four generation Lining arc, the overall continuation of the multi arc hollow structure design, but also in the changing arc design. After the upgrade of the large arc design, looks a bit like Reebok "pig large intestine", the overall design of the sense of prominence, more important is to enhance the shock effect and anti slip effect, to create a better sense of beauty. said second vamp, four generations of running shoes Li Ninghu introduced the innovation FlexShell help technology, through the reasonable layout will be perfect combination of elastic material and process structure, enhance the feet and the whole vamp fit degree to ensure the shoe body functional areas provide good support and the package at the same time, so in the process of running feet bending transition more smoothly. In simple terms, is not the upper stitch, perfectly fit the foot. then is the outer bottom, the key parts of the outer bottom plus six black high wear rubber, enhance the wear resistance and anti slip performance. A midsole and outsole, a more cool features should not be ignored: in the dark, in the bottom and the logo will emit flickering luminous. To strengthen the security of the night run is on the one hand, it is more important to meet the needs of the people who are. finally from the actual effects to summarize, at the bottom of the Li Ninghu flexible and can provide an appropriate amount of rebound damping; upper materials although is seamless elastic three-dimensional printing, but wrapped and permeability is acceptable; high 〉