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yesterday we spent the whole day, in the sun at the top of the booth in between the shuttle, looking for new and interesting good things. The new Race Race Next SL 430g plus crank, crank protection set of 436 axis, 30mm, this is a full carbon fiber crank different colors can be used movable crank. If you want to replace the tooth piece, you must replace the entire disc with the disc together with Maxxis classic series tread size + + 2929X3.0; is indeed the giant tirethis is the show most topics cycling, customized Intense M16San Diego Chainline car exhibitionM16 Intense details of the picture Pi cheap jordans for sale vot LES hard tail, is behind the attractive Phoenix DH downhill bike shorter rear fork LES Pivot hard tail car details new SMC4-L Ergon block, the width has increased, and there is a different width optional Comp SMC3 seat package new BOX drive There are highlights on the drive system! The transmission will move inward and avoid obstacles to the stone or track. There is a separate appropriation Fen switch, to push forward by gear ratio changeBOX kettle / bottle, two pieces of plastic bite together, under the bottle of storage tools, can also be loaded with water Brothers Highline Crank lifting s cheap jordans for sale mens eat, the initial stroke 100mm, can gradually increase to 125mm, 150mm travel, 580g, 3 years warranty can be quickly removed, using high-end accessories, including slick Jagwire steel wire, IGUS casing, Trelleborg sealing ringsubverts tradition - Air Jordan 1The between 80s century major brand competition is quite fierce, when Nike's situation is not optimistic, they decided to go. 1984 Nike to 5 year $2 million 500 thousand contract signed a green hand of Jordan, it was regarded as a huge contract, other brands have price may be worse than the 1/10. In fact, when Jordan wanted to sign Adidas, cheap jordans online he once called himself Adidas enthusiasts, but for the rookie rookie Adidas did not show much interest, under the comprehensive consideration of Jordan and Nike signed. Jordan's first pair of shoes on the NBA was not Joe 1, but a pair of high hand basketball shoes called Air Ship. The following year, in 1985, Joe was officially unveiled, and said, "I'm not going to wear those shoes. Only a clown will wear that kind of shoes," said Jordan." under the persuasion of designer Peter Moore, Jordan put on it. While the team was training, his teammates came up to him and said, "Hey, Michael, your s Retro jordans for sale hoes are really ugly."." The NBA alliance also banned Jordan to wear this pair of shoes on the pitch (black 1), the only black or white shoes in black and red 1 is indeed a bit too loud. David Stern also issued a ticket to Jordan, from $1000 a game up to 5000 dollars later, a Nike side here is to pay fines, and asked Michael to wear all the time. It is because of the ban, Nike became the best advertising, everyone wants to have a pair of NBA shoes have been banned, the market has set off a panic buying craze -- Joe 1 basically in the shelves on empty state. Jordan rookie season, averaging up to Retro jordans for sale 28.2 points and 6.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists, arguably won the rookie of the year "title, is the perfect performance in this season and created a gimmick forbidden to wear the success of AJ 1. Air Jordan 1 is a AF 1 prototype design, but the former than the latter lighter and more fit feet. Due to the manufacturing process that is not mature enough, AF 1 in order to place that Air deliberately thickened in the bottom of the air cushion thickness, resulting in a bit cumbersome; and Joe 1 has to face the challenge in the PU on the bottom of an ancient chess game with Air air Sole, after numerous Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping failures, finally succeed in the premise, the shock absorption function is not reduced, effectively reduce the weight and stable performance has been further improved. In order to better fit the AJ 1 feet in the shoes to reduce warehouse height and using a unique upper cut design makes him look more delicate, the upper side of the wing Logo is icing on the cake. But design leads to better fit Joe 1 compatibility decreased -- especially the toe parts, foot obesity may simply can not comfortable.Some 2 days left by Guangzhou Li, can finally write this KD China Tour's thoughts. left for decades, Cheap air jordans for sale never felt crazy Starchaser behavior, so she will decline KD hands. By receiving the notice, you can go to Guangzhou to see KD, to return to Hongkong for a few days, it seems to be a dream left. ...Scott A - Bathing Ape Bapesta MidTravisCole & J.; Russell D'Angelo Jordan Air 1 " Chicago"; & Jordan 11Lab4 " Red"; ; Air;;; Retro;;;;;;;;;Brown Adidas -- Yeezy " 950 Moonrock" Chris; Brown Nike - CortezChrisFabolous - Jordan Air 13 " CP3" Retro; PESimmons Sacai -- X NikeLab Dunk Lux " Obsidian" Angela; Envy Supreme -- X Air Jordan Retro 5 " Black" DJ; Envy Air - Jordan Retro 6 Low " Chr cheap jordan shoes for men ome" DJ; Envy Nike -- Air Foamposite One " DJ; Mirror" Blue; Envy Nike -- Air Foamposite One " DJ; Gold" Metallic; Joe Air -- Jordan Retro 5 " Olive" Fat; Joe & Fat; Khaled DJ Jordan Air 8 Fred Jones " Retro; Squad" Terror; & PE; Jordan Air 3 " Retro; Cement" ;;;;;;;;;;;;;Bieber Adidas -- Yeezy Boost 350 " Moonrock" Justin; Cam'ron - 〉Converse has been a classic shoe model this season, with a clean leather design, along with this season's "Chuck Taylor All Star" 70 Ox tropical print line. This time, Converse once again for Deck Star '67 Slip-On and Chuck Taylor All Star' 70 launched high Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping and low suede series. Traditional canvas is replaced by luxurious suede and is available in black and white with two colors. Slip-On also offers a retro design with a slightly higher side, a pompous midsole and a sock lining to provide a more comfortable dress experience. September, Hello, faded away with spring blooming has faded from the scorching summer heat of warm, quiet, beautiful autumn has been coming, ...... would you like to invite me to the movies? doesn't look! I want to see a show! after all, the movie was so short, this September, I want to see you in Gu cheap foamposites angzhou for an entire month, Tianhe District golden age: Russian Imperial exhibition time: 2017, 09, 29, 2018, 01, 07, location: Guangdong Provincial Museum, full name of the Russian Empire, Russia from 1721 to 1917; the emperor Peter, the founder of the Russian Empire, opened the golden age of the Russian Empire; Catherine II, Queen of the Russian Empire, Russian history only two is regarded as "one of the rulers of the great". The exhibits are from the National Museum of Russian history, a total of 302 pieces / sets, the two hundred year history of the Russian Empire is the best witness. Both the portrait sculpture, costumes, emperors of the exhibits, also have the Royal Porcelain, glass, gold and silver vessels to the royal family, and is obsessed with the world's top luxury "Faberge jewelry," more reflect the Sino Russian trade event Yuci certificate, with a silver spoon in the Ming emperor and gold and treasures, "golden age" the exhibition will be the audience portrait of dedication period of the Russian Empire, emperors and martial arts etiquette model and the life of art visual feast. - two outstanding works of living young and young experts of Guangzhou art academy theme creation exhibition time: -9, September 10, 2017, 23, location: Gallery 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Guangdong Museum of art, this exhibition of Guangzhou art academy young experts around the "red memory" theme created brilliant works, hundreds of pieces of outstanding works of creation and the "young two period" after the painter through training. Exhibits include Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking and other paintings, with different themes and styles. Guangzhou Academy of young experts themes vividly depicts the events, revolutionary struggle history moving image and moving moment to show the new life, new development, new weather occurred China society 90 years of vicissitudes, the old revolutionary base areas. experience and Transcendence: Hu Zhiying art, 1987~2017 time: September 9, 2017 - October 10th location: Guangzhou · Guangyuan Expressway Sceneway Road No. 21 53 Street Hui Yuan Art Museum The representations in Hu Zhiying's art works are often full of complex totem of life, not popular symbols and popular styles. Some images and metaphors are constantly used to create some strange situations. These factors make up his artistic features, and also his works of Art