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Yesterday, "Corriere dello Sport," said the Inter Milan might want to buy C Ronaldo a news caused an uproar in European football, because the C Lo's agent George - Mendes and Jose Mourinho, the Nerazzurri Quaresma generals brokers are the same person, so that the original may seem far-fetched rumors become more credible. in less than 24 hours after the "Corriere dello Sport" broke the news, awful rumors, there has been new progress: Inter Milan's shirt sponsor, but also C Lo now club Manchester United's shirt sponsor Nike, intentionally facilitate the transfer. The European media also analysts believe the acquisition of Real Madrid in the summer, an important reason for the failure of its C-sponsor Adidas is difficult to accept sponsorship by Nike shoes after C Luo came to the Bernabeu to advertise its competitors. always pay attention to this matter, "Corriere dello Sport" on Thursday claimed that Nike is now very interested in participating in the Ronaldo transfer t air jordan 11 space jam for sale hem to, this sports giant hopes to use the partnership with Manchester United and Inter Milan both to facilitate matter, most of them want to see results make its two star C Luo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic as his teammates play together, so as to achieve the best publicity Nike. "Corriere dello Sport," said Inter's main sponsor Pirelli Group also intends to be ready to spend more money under the circumstances to achieve C Luo transfer. Nike and Pirelli joint strength, even if Manchester United out of the astronomical buy Ronaldo for Inter Milan is not difficult. Italian media quickly found a Inter Milan President Massimo Moratti, hoping his mouth to get some news about C Ronaldo, Moratti said outright: "Golden Globe Awards are given in Champions League's outstanding player, I have to admit that Ronaldo deserves this honor. Transfers? June from now still early, these reports are the reporters of the invention, we now have a lot of high-level players, I do not consider buyin cheap air jordans g newcomer. "a few days ago, HUAWEI and KFC announced that it will have a joint cooperation in the future, while millet also announced its official business not resigned to playing second fiddle, and signed a patent cooperation agreement with NOKIA, including the realization of cross authorization in the mobile network standard essential patents, the transaction also includes part of the acquisition of NOKIA millet patent assets. recently, designer Suzuki O in charge of the fashion brand Engineered Garments Converse will work together to bring the new Chuck Taylor All Star pairs. Which include the high and low cylinder type and two pairs of shoes, with beige suede, leather and CANVAS STITCH crafted, under uniform color, using different materials to bring visual collision, really clever. These two pairs of shoes will be in the designated store shelves in the near future, if you like Chuck Taylor All Star, then this joint is you can not miss.Size X Reebok once again launch Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ed the "Deconstructed" series 2016-10-09 11:21:23 the day before, the famous British shoe club Size? Hand in hand with Reebok to launch a new series of "Deconstructed". This joint will be based on Classic Leather, Workout shoes as design blueprint, respectively using warm gray, cold gray suede material to create, each pair of shoes concise atmosphere, quite winter wind. At present, the two pairs of shoes have been sold, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. 〈br new="" balance="" x="" j.crew="" 2013-12-08="" joint="" summer="" 22:09:29 whether star or store with a New Balance cooperation this year can be followed, the different models of different collocation, each equally attractive. This summer, New Balance and American clothing store J.Crew again issued cooperative style, this time is New Balance 620. 620 is a lightweight, breathable, and rubber soles of shoes, suitable for jogging and other light intensity sports. The two colors have their own jordans on sale mens textures and styles, which cost about $80.Go comfort piercing potential 2013-12-08 22:34:14 tide thrown slightly chilly moments, fall and winter is almost here. 2012 autumn and winter must be different, but in the fashion world is a strange scene, the various elements of fast fashion, color, pattern and combination of a variety of fabrics winter fashion stitching has become the most significant feature of this season; and swept bright line on the entire summer autumn and winter fashion scene is still vibrant; neoclassical doctrine casual heavy attack also radiate boundless energy. As with stylish design and comfortable wearing feeling fusion known for the famous American casual fashion brand crocs, in the 2012 autumn and winter season also continues the consistent comfortable, lightweight characteristics, the design incorporates a more diverse style. Pondering gorgeous hit color, fully three-dimensional modeling and stitching leather material modern means, create distinc jordan 3 katrina 2018 tive minimalist style, futuristic, casual line, Yoho faction, let you no matter when and where what the occasion, you can free heart, with a style of their own comfort, calm autumn and winter 2012 interpretation of "go comfort, piercing tide potential" fashion trend.Fashion luxury goods Hurley & times; Nike SB "National Teams" joint series 2014-05-06 11:06:26 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: highsnobiety] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network May 6 hearing, has always focused on innovative technologies and materials surf clothing brand Hurley, a few days ago with the famous brand Nike SB skate hand in hand, for the summer to create a new "National Teams" do not note series. As the name implies, the series is the 2014 Brazil World inspiration, and Brazil and the United States as the color theme, creating a variety of footwear and clothing items. Including one camouflage Obscure as the main design of red, blue and two Lunar One Shot, striped jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black shirts, patterned T-Shirt, Surf vest and shorts, hats and other merchandise as well as a single product. (Media Partner: shoe image Jin Chang in elevator shoes) Related newsDecember 29 evening, the Peak Group of the twentieth anniversary celebration party held a grand Donghai campus of Quanzhou Normal University. In the opening dance, "good start" after the participants all stood up, the venue of the People's Republic of China national anthem played. Peak Group founder, chairman Jingnan speech for the party. Of the entire party into feathers, wings, fly, fly, looking five chapters, most of the Olympic program by the internal staff directed, at the same time, it was also the 20th anniversary of the Olympic interspersed awarded "Special Contribution Award", " excellent dealer "," Excellent Supplier "," I day "essay contest at the Olympic awards. tide of the thirtieth anniversary of reform and opening up is a magnificent epic, three decades of trials, witness the jordans on sale online difficult process of development of many companies, but also witnessed many glorious enterprise. As China's first Olympic basketball brand, with its unique way to show the world its glory. Conform to the trend of the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, Pick the company has grown into a set of footwear, shoes, clothing, bags and other sports equipment, professional equipment export-oriented enterprises, has 20 years of professional R & D, manufacturing and sales experience. Construction area of ??over 70,000 square meters, now has about 5,000 stores in major cities at home and abroad, combined with a mature brand marketing operating system, export business throughout Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia and five continents. December 22, 2008, NBA and Olympic officials jointly announced the New Jersey Nets in the press room, the two sides will further cooperate to promote the exchange and integration of NBA basketball and Chinese Culture. Rockets two Titans cheap foamposites Ron? Ron Artest and Dikembe? Dikembe Mutombo, and the Los Angeles Lakers Sasha Admiral? Vujacic, the Denver Nuggets star Sonny good? Wei Musi and Cleveland Cavaliers Darnell? Jackson and other stars will foot boots Olympic campaign NBA, as its global brand ambassador. Peak has thus become history's first five players signed one-time Chinese sports brand. At the same time, Olympic also sponsored the show "Stars" Season impressive New Jersey Nets in the NBA to become another Chinese brand of "base." Peak Group founder, chairman Jingnan in concluding remarks, said the party's reform and opening up of epic continues with the words, Pick's international road is also going forward, 20 years of wind and rain, the achievements of the Olympic united struggle enthusiasm, I believe in 2009, Olympic Group will strive to overcome resistance to reform and opening up, the negative factors and the international economic crisis, the rapid walking in the valley between the crest, conti buy cheap jordans online nued internationalization strategy and climb to new heights and continue to describe Pick People's "I CAN PLY" fighting spirit.Jordan Brand " " remodeling of the heart is deathless, this year; brand Air Jordan 5 brings is different from the ordinary version of the Premium version, high quality material and exquisite workmanship make this pair of inspiration from the fighter shoe body texture showed higher, but the price is as high as 3000 piece can make people stop.. back and forth, a total of Take Flight, Pure Platnum and Triple Black in the recent sale of multiple color launched, the results are the same, even discounts are removed after all feelings, No one shows any interest in, this pair of shoes is too expensive; earlier spy Air Jordan 5 Premium " Wine& quot; complete exposure, the continuation of the Premium level material, workmanship and so on set, the shoe body with gorgeous and more suitable for autumn and winter wear red wine throughout, and the lining is ch Retro jordans for sale osen as a light brown color contrast, so I do not know whether you will buy it? is expected in the autumn and winter shoes will be on the shelves, priced at $400 / $2999. each have their own sign, NBA star is no exception. Each sign has its own character and attitude, every pair of shoes has a style and function of their emphasis, although not absolutely accurate, but it is also worth us to serve as a conversation during the meal after tea. the following NBA star constellation elected representatives and their representatives of shoes, for your smile, do not seriously. wants to know himself and the NBA star is the same sign, want to know their chosen pair of boots are fast, look down. ||| - |||Aquarius |||| (January 20th --2 18) The symbol: adhere to energy. talent may let Aquarius more excellent than others, but most success comes from little effort. from the myth of Aquarius, we can see that the freedom loving Aquarius and individualism. Aquarius symbol of the wave, is a highly knowledgeable representatives, by the wave of thinking the characteristics of Aquarius, seems to have the law but there is no specific image, is the 12 constellations in the most unpredictable constellation character is usually sometimes good, sometimes bad, subject to changing moods, slightly neurotic. Represents calm and love. The head of the is certainly doing a lot of big stars, Aquarius, but they can only rely on and help with the sign, after the station. Wang is quite consistent with Aquarius male characteristics: highly gifted, acquired efforts, have infinite yearning for freedom. But some slightly neurotic people, subject to changing moods, guess, Aquarius is the most prominent feature of the calm, big game. shoes is AJ11, this shoe is Jonny said publicly that their love a pair of signature shoes, and help with 72 wins a brilliant record, whether from the Yan values, record, performance, and personal preferences, are representative of the Aquarius fully deserve shoes. in Air Jordan 11 generation who we ushered in the field of shoes and Air Jordan series of important milepost and watershed. this is the history of the first pair of basketball shoes, the leather design works, it makes the shoes is not easy to stretch, light and gorgeous, looks more like a beautiful sports car shell. ||| - |||Pisces |||| (February 21st --3 20) symbol energy: confidence is born Pisces romantic and artistic temperament, but is always a loss, loss of ideal and reality, feelings of wondering, their eyes have no absolute right and wrong, always understand others wronged themselves, but the heart has unwilling. Representative of the star Pisces so I hesitated for a long time, because in addition to curry, and Shaquille O'neal, two different styles of superstars are Pisces, which itself is a pisces. Several considerations, or choose a very influential library day now. 〉0.jpg (168.45 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-22 upload at 15:15Japan's well-known brand 1.jpg (134.31 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-22 upload at 15:15 2.jpg (85.86 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-22 upload at 15:15 3.jpg (100.22 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-22 upload at 15:15 4.jpg (110.15 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-22 upload at 15:15 5.jpg (118.84 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-22 upload at 15:15 6.jpg (154.62 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-22 upload at 15:15 7.jpg (74.66 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-22 upload at 15:15 8.jpg (14〉Nike Royal Mid VT three together and uploaded to the 2010-10-8 Author: shoesDesign 09:14:05 reading: 425 recommended: 0 reply: 0 category: SNK shoes information